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Accel BeerAccel Low Carb Beer

Our beer of the month is a low-carb offering from the Matt Brewing Co. of Utica, NY. Matt is an old-line family firm, well known in the northeast for its Saranac line of specialty beers.

They are an agile little company, quick to respond to industry trends, and they now have a beer that may be the lowest in carbs currently available(2.4g). It also boasts a  very low 89 calories per 12-ounce serving. According to Fred Matt, marketing manager for the brewery, the industry response to the beer has been "overwhelming." In point of fact, Accel is one of the best tasting low carb beers out there.

Poured into a glass, it evinces a faint but discernible malty nose. On the tongue, it has a crisp light malt flavor, and and a very dry finish. Crisp, clean and very drinkable. Even a beer snob might find himself painlessly quaffing a 12-ounce bottle, as I did, and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Accel Low Carb Light Beer
Matt Brewing Co.
Utica, NY

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