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Accel BeerStone 8th Anniversary Ale

This is billed as a permutation of mild, but it is clear by now that no one at Stone Brewing Co. knows the meaning of the word. For example, they use the word "subtle" to describe the hop profile, which comes in at a whopping 55 IBUs.

In the glass, this does look like a nice mild brown ale, but when the sun hits it, it turns a wild ruby red. The changing color permutation is symbolic of this beer, which gets wilder at every sip.

Like all the Stone beers, this is a complex brew that could put a Belgian ale to shame. It's got a rich maltiness up front, with some chocolate and coffee flavors, and then he hops come in for a strong, bitter finish.

Alcohol content is 7.8% by volume, and starting gravity was 18.5 plato.

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