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For decades, the Modern Brewery Age Blue Book has been the one-stop reference source for the beer brewing industry. It is revised every year, and contains listings of brewers, U.S. beer wholesalers, associations, non-beer producers (cider, mead, soda, etc.) and brewing industry suppliers. The book also contains a digest of industry statistics, and a useful section on the varying trade and advertising regulations for all 50 states. This directory is found on the reference shelves of all major U.S. breweries, and is a handy reference tool for any brewing industry professional. It is now bigger and more complete than ever - over 1,200 pages in all!

The current edition of the book is available in 2 volumes.
It is available in either print or CD format:

  • The North American Beer Industry Directory sells for $350 USD.
  • The International Beer Industry Diretory sells for $275 USD.
  • You can buy them both for only $450 USD!

Order Now! Click here to order.

For a free listing in the book(s), or to advertise your company, call +1203-663-7830 or submit a form online.

PDF sample pages: (you will need the FREE Acrobat Reader to view)

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